Cheaters Severine Lavie

Severine Lavie — Lyon, France

This individual started communicating with a husband on Facebook. When his job would take him away from home to another city, state or country, she would travel to meet him. After the husband let it be known that he wanted to go to counseling with his wife of over 20 years, she continued to post selfies of the two of them on Facebook. She even messaged the wife on Mother’s Day to let her know that she had just been with her husband for a week in another city. She also told the wife that she was going to be moving with the husband in three short weeks to this city they had just visited. That didn’t happen, but it did ruin Mother’s Day for the wife and their two children. She messaged her again when she flew in to see him on another occassion. The wife told me the husband did not want her there and lied to the wife, my friend about her not being there the whole time. Finally the individual messaged my friend with a picture proving that they were together. She has two children of her own, not a very good example of a mother. She is also married, although she told the husband she never loved him. Through all of this she has posted over and over again pictures and comments about the trips they have taken together. The husband now tells the counselor and the family that he has no communication with this individual, I as an outsider looking in, find that hard to believe. When you have two individuals with this kind of morality or lack of it, and a female with this kind of disregard for a marriage, why would she stop trying to get him to leave his wife and family.