Cheaters Seven (Jason ) Grogan panama

Seven (Jason ) Grogan panama – Florida

Seven is a con man. He’s stolen money from so many people and currently is the pastor of Springfield methodist church. He stole 50k from a friend who lives in south America a few years back, he stole a tablet from a friends brother while visiting his house last year. He tried to convince a newly divorced woman to marry him, even talked about prenups, because she was getting an alimony settlement. He started seducing her while she was still married, only separated, by claiming he was a certified counselor and provided free counseling. He convinced her as well that they were going to produce a cd and he had connections to Nashville, which he swindled over 1000 from churches and friends for that project which she never saw a dime of. Her alimony settlement was supposed to fund the project and pay off his debts, he told her this!