California Seth Combs San Diego Citybeat violent domestic abuser

Seth Combs San Diego Citybeat violent domestic abuser – California

In light if of abuse being a hot topic issue that is finally get some attention & holding these destructive individuals accountable I am reposting something u came accross years ago -this was a well documented case with tons of credibile evidence & witness testimony. Don’t know what happened to the gf but this guy is now the editor in chief over at Citybeat magazine- as a community we need to start holding these types of perpetrators accountable for their actions in a local level, and warn those who could potentially have their lives affected by this monster in the future This coward is disgusting. He fancies himself a ladies man, but he is a sadistic abuser of women, a pathological liar, serial cheater/walking venereal disease. He used to be a local San Diego music critic in the hipster scene but his career has dwindled down to nothing. Nobody in the local market has wanted to publish or read his schticky, tired, egomaniacal music opinions in over 8 years. These days, he’s taken to using his own Facebook + Twitter pages post his boorishly inarticulate, un-evolved (yet ridiculously grandiose) music opinions. This 35 year old pervert is desperately clinging on to his “glory days” instead of developing his writing career or growing professionally he’s taken to trolling the internet for 20 year old cooz full time. A clear case of narcissistic personality disorder aging gracefully, this shallow buffoon hits on anything old enough to read amongst the selfie snapping, post high school wannabe art set. Exchanging farcical literary love quotes & music lyrics that read like an NPR meets jersey shore shore selection of of cringeworthy cliches, with about 12-13 different tarts at a time. He had a girlfriend, smart/ beautiful chick. I guess he ( and she by default) are a target for local hackers + their entire break up was leaked as well as details of horrific emotional + violent physical abuse he subjected her to regularly (with graphic pics depicting her bruised body all beat up) You’d think a violent sociopath, who regularly gets hacked would be smart enough to break up with his girlfriend in person but this p**** transcripted a lifetime original movie about domestic violence in which he plays the text book pyschopath. Instead of breaking up with his girlfriend like a man he beat her for an entire weekend, at one point hitting her head into a door and causing her tooth to break open her lip. When it started gushing blood, his smiled like a maniac at it. . Then he walked out + left her at his house bleeding while he went on first date with his new interest. (Because a beaten & bleeding girlfriend at home is every woma’s romantic dream date) then the next morning left for a month long trip to Costa Rica + never mentioned it or even spoke to his gf again. He just fled the country, left her homeless, penniless, without any of her clothing or belongings, beaten up, thinking she was going crazy and on her own to discover not only that he lied + cheated the whole time but was a psychopath that had been rapidly degenerating into full blown malignant narcissistic personality disorder. What’s super creepy is any of her attempts to confront the violence or entire situation were responded to with very careful wording, suggesting she was going insane & making the whole thing up. What’s even creepier, is when he returned months later, he just picked up with the new girls like she never even existed except, to call her a crazy nut who was obsessed with him & couldn’t deal with the fact that he wanted to break up. This is just his last relationship. The guy has cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had. He tells himself it’s because he’s such a sought after ladies man but the truth is the guy is 35 years old and literally is incapable of being sustaining fidelity or honesty with a woman for more than 3 months.