Cheaters Sergio Villarreal

Sergio Villarreal – Georgia

Also search Sergio Imanol, somone has already posted a lot under that alias ( Literally everything he says is a lie. He is not from Spain, his name isn’t Sergio, his birthday isn’t February, his son isn’t dead (FB Fernando Penate-Chavez), he hasn’t tried to commit suicide from his depression, he hasn’t made millions, his mom didn’t suffer a stroke because of her anguish of the death of her grandson (FB Celina Marty Perez, he can be seen in her older photos), he doesn’t have a masters degree, he wasn’t in the military, he didn’t play professional soccer, he doesn’t know how to paint, and he can’t have a real job because he doesn’t have a license or a real id. He is from Mexico, he does have 2 outstanding warrants for theft by deception in 2 other states (but they are non extraditable so as long as he stays out of those states and doesn’t get in trouble here he is ok), his real name is Eugenio Penate-Marty, and he does know how to photoshop. Anything poetic he writes to you is plagiarized and can be googled. He tells women he loves them very fast, then tries to move in so you can start taking care of him. But he will tell you that he took care of all of the women in his past financially and they took advantage of him which is yet another lie. Ask literally any of the women on his FB page. Stay away from him!