Cheaters Seren Ford

Seren Ford — Loveland, Colorado

Do not allow this photo fool you. Seren Ford is a terrible individual with no borders when it involves me as well as my guys connection. She’s is his ex lover and also she can not approve it’s over. All of it began a couple of months earlier when she struck him up, they had a brief discussion as well as left it at that. Pertain to discover a couple of weeks later on, she still maintained messaging him chatting crap regarding me, in a determined effort to win him back. She’s a hopeless loser with absolutely nothing far better to do compared to bug me and also him. After that she had the gall to comment “So good-looking” on among his photos. Something occurred and also they do not speak with each various other any longer. Resembles the much better lady won. Please take care of her, she’s held up and also 2 dealt with.