SERAP ROCHE – Australia

Originally from Brisbane, Australia now working as a floozy  at the Manhattan Terrace Brothel, in Melbourne on a fly-in, fly-out basis. Serap Roche is Turkish. She went to university with one of my best mates but then unexpectedly dropped out in the second year while studying medicine. When my friend told me this, I thought it was all too funny and a big joke. Surely, who in their right mind would give up a medical career to become a full time slore? Then one day while visiting Melbourne for a work function, I had some time to myself and my curiosity got the better of me. After a late night drinking with my work colleagues, I decided to call it time and went wandering the streets of Melbourne by myself. With a few shots of red bull mixed with vodka, I summoned the courage to visit the Manhattan Terrace Brothel, something that I had always wanted to do, but not in my home state. When I rang the doorbell, I was greeted by this big burly woman who asked if I had made a pre-booking, to which I replied no and that it was my first time visiting. I was then quickly ushered into a small private room, and slowly each of the girls came in to do a private introduction. When I met Serap Roche, she introduced herself as “ANNA” from Russia. She talked like she was a queen – so eloquently, but I was assured by the receptionist, she is downright dirty behind closed doors and would bring out the knee pads……if you know what I mean!!! The standard service is massage, oral and sex. But for an extra $50, she told me I can have the deluxe service – which included massage, oral, deep French kissing, sex and I also get to finger her all night. I had no hesitation in handing over my hard earnt money upon hearing that, as my manhood was as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar, by that time of the night. I was then led into another room with a king sized double bed and asked to take a shower. When I finished I sat by the side of the bed waiting for her. When Serap Roche entered the room, she took off her dress and approached me. I slowly removed her G string and started to molest her and played with her pu55y. First, I inserted one finger with a thrusting motion, but as her moans grew louder, I then used two, then three fingers, at the same time spitting on her pu55y. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was such a dirty sloot. After that, she was so horny, she begged if she could suck my c0ck. When I showed her my manhood – which was a generous 8 inches, she pretended to be shy and blushed. But surely and steadily, she took my rock hard manhood and started slurping and kissing the shaft before working her way up to the knob. True to the receptionist’s words, Serap Roche started to make these gagging sounds, and before I knew it she gave me one of the wettest and sloppiest blowjobs in my life. She even deep throated me balls deep. I was in heaven. I then got her on all four and did her doggy style, to which she begged me to “Fuk That Russian Pu55y, Fuk It Now!” I am not one to argue with a lady, so I gave her a good rogering. After half an hour, I turned her around and we did missionary position. I gave her pu55y another serious pounding, by putting all my weight behind it as I was on top. I tell you Nic, this girl likes it rough. It was like a serious gym workout for me. When I was ready to blow, I quickly withdrew and shot my candy rain all over her tits and body, before we both collapsed on the bed writhing in total orgasm. It was pure bliss. Don’t get me wrong, Nic. There is nothing wrong with Serap Rocheworking as a slore, but what bothers me is the fact that she is married to a Chinese man. She is such a fukin gold digger, Nic. Serap Roche never had any interest in the Asian or Chinese culture, but for the fact that her husband is filthy rich. And we all know where the Chinese get their money from……CORRUPTION (cough, cough!!!) I guess its true after all. $$$ can turn a “NO” to a “YES”, and vice versa. Despite the fact that her husband has a truck load of money, Serap Roche continues to work as a slore. I guess she is a real nympho and addicted to c0cks, after all. The next time you want to go on a holiday, don’t go to Las Vegas, come to Melbourne and visit Serap Roche. Just ask for “ANNA” at Manhattan Terrace Brothel. You can really go to town on her. She claims to have a very high pain threshold. You can fuk the sh1t out of her, and she will enjoy it! The moral of the story is, when a girl goes interstate looking for work, chances are she is working at some strip club. Or worst still, at a brothel. The quickest way to wealth = floozy + cash economy.