Cheaters Selena Fosnaught

Selena Fosnaught – Pennsylvania

Selena Fosnaught may appear like a nice married woman with a child, but the deeper you dig the more is revealed. Her alter-ego is @SU_BonnieBarrow, one part of the swinger podcasting foursome known as STARunderground. If you need proof, the first picture attached is from her personal Facebook page, the second is from her SU_BonnieBarrow Twitter page for swingers. It is the same picture of her, the sole difference is she blocked out her face on twitter. In addition to an open sex life, she also brags about using drugs in Vegas on her twitter feed. In her bio on STARundergruond she talks about her rape fantasies. Her husband is Ed Traud. For anybody needing proof, simply look at the birthdate talked about on the swinger Twitter feed. One would think, to protect the children in their lives, they would not be so open with personal details and pictures on the Twitter feed to advertise the STARunderground podcast. For those who know Selena and Ed, if you are not convinced it is them; simply listen to a podcast and listen to the voices.