Arizona Seenecah Perez

Seenecah Perez — Phoenix, Arizona

This nasty, diseased homewrecker actively goes after married men and then portrays herself as a victim. She literally guilts married men into feeling bad for her because of her rotten past, but the truth is that it is a ploy to gain their sympathies as a stepping stone to starting an affair. Stealing married men from better women inflates her ego. She is an expert. She also has herpes. She came after my husband while she had a boyfriend and another affair going on with another married man. She sent filthy pictures. My husband had only ever been with me. We have been together for 16 years. This whore took advantage of the fact that my mother was dying and I was working hard, about to graduate from college. She inflated his ego at a time that my attentions were elsewhere and manipulated a naive man, who didn’t understand how deceptive people can be. He made mistakes, and we are both paying for them. This whore got to just walk away with the “poor me; people take advantage of me” attitude that she is so expert at portraying. She’s a liar. She has STDs. She is a predator.