Cheaters Sean Skillicorn

Sean Skillicorn — Solon, Ohio

Sean Skillicorn / Skilliani. Aliases: Ben King, Chris Fast, James Chase, Lexi Thompson, Kenny K, Ken Skil, Frank Raffer, Ben Kegs This right here is a prime example of a Master Pathological Con Artist. He can’t keep a job because he always gets caught stealing while committing time fraud and getting high and drunk on the clock. Several companies learned the hard way when he would show up back to the shop in a company vehicle and a multitude of empty Twisted Tea cans fall out when the door opens. He thinks it’s fun to create make believe families every few years. Currently his 4th reproduction is on the way by his current fiance who he met and hooked up with while his wife was in labor with their daughter who died that day while he was out getting high. Most people wouldn’t know he is married with children.. he plays the double/triple life so well. Has Never made a single child support payment for any of his children. His beloved fiance (Stacey Morgan of Chandler, AZ) is aware of the wife and children, but in denial or just as twisted as he is and boasting plans for their upcoming bigamist wedding. The dememted adultering couple find joy in tourmenting and sexually harassing Seans wife by sending videos of him jacking off several times a week and they have continued this for well over a year and a half now. They both play off as an innocent little happy couple. Seeking gifts and sypmathy for the homeless drunk while he mooches off of his meal ticket’s parents. Professional Mooch and pathilogical sociopath. Lying coward.

Arizona Sean Skillicorn

Sean Skillicorn — Chandler, Arizona

Stay clear of this lying scum of the Earth, Sean M. Skillicorn. He is a massive parasite. Will charm, manipulate, rob and confuse. Very quick to discard anyone who catches on to his tactics. He is a highly functioning alcoholic and opioid addict. Uses his job location for his drug hookup and regularly drinks while on the clock. Typically works in the signage industry. Fled from the company he stole from in Atlanta and then moved onto take advantage of another company in Buckeye, AZ. He’s known for using women for his own benefit, to secure a home and vehicle for use because he can’t take care of himself. He is a Master Con Artist and Manipulator. Displays incredible superficial charm. Could not speak the truth if the universe depended on it. He has abandoned all of his children physically, emotionally, and financially. He makes children intentionally and runs from all his obligagions. Its sad that monsters like this even exist!!!