Cheaters Scottie Welch

Scottie Welch — Walkerville, Michigan

This early 30s woman has ruined a marriage. She worked with the man and quickly manipulated him to fall for her. She was in a relationship at the time also and had four kids. She left her long time boyfriend and her victim left his wife and kids. His wife and kids moved out of their home so she and her four kids moved in. He has since had little contact with his children. This woman is poorly educated, she made it to 9th grade and dropped out. She uses manipulation to get by in life. She ruins this mans marriage and then turns around and cheats on him. She sucks plenty of Dick for cocaine and money. All while she’s on FB praising the lord. She’s a fake bitch. She’s moved on and is “single” again. You see once he left his wife he had to start paying child support so he doesn’t have enough money for her now. She will be looking for her next victim now, ladies watch your man!