Cheaters Scott Hendricks

Scott Hendricks – Colorado

Keeping up with Scott Hendricks who is a compulsive liar, narscassit, dead beat dad, and cheater and thief. Most recent actions of this loser is he is stealing money from his wife all while not supporting his son. He doesn’t ask about his baby still. Doesn’t ask to see him and treats his mother like a major piece of s***. He has recently stolen money from his wife and doesn’t give her any money for the baby. It’s dead beat dads like him that make good dads like me a bad name. This is how immature this guy is he made his wife pay for his Netflix account and then changed the password so the kids couldn’t watch it. I mean who does this loser think he is. He cheated on his wife with his ugly dog of an ex wife Corinne and with multiple other whores and he turns off Netflix, and steals money from her. He is the worst kind of human being one that doesn’t support his child. One who treats the mother like a dog. I watched these two and his wife loved him and was an amazing woman to him and his kids (who by the way seem to display just as many psychotic issues as thier mom and dad Scott and Corinne). Scott every person who knows you thinks you are a horrible human being. Karma comes around and what you have done to your beautiful wife and baby boy is horrible. Ladies stay away from this evil man. There are plenty of awesome men in Denver Scott Joseph Hendricks who works for Wells Fargo and was born on 2-1-1980 is not worth a second. I saw this loser charm his wife and I told her to not date him because she will end up hurt. She said no he is different he won’t do that and look what he did. Married her then cheated on her, walked out on her, doesn’t see his baby son, doesn’t pay for his baby son, hurt his step-son, hurt his wife, tells everyone his wife is crazy when everyone knows Scott is crazy and psycho. Get some help you drug addicted a** hole. What you are doing and have done is gross man. You deserve no happiness man. Your wife is an amazing mom and human being and she doesn’t deserve what you have done to her and you don’t deserve that beautiful baby she gave you. Baby is better off to not be raised by a drug addicted, mentally ill, liar and abuser like you Scott. Grow up man up. Stop giving good dads like me a bad name because you are such a dead beat loser! Stop treating your wife like a piece of s***… She was nothing but good to you. Colorado. Denver. Park Hill. Highlands Ranch. Wells Fargo.