Cheaters Scott Cuccuru

Scott Cuccuru – Florida

45 yrs of age. From Waterbury, CT. Uses dating sites to find his victims. Will sweet talk you, lie to you, and get what he can. Will use lines like he just got laid off and his lease is up and he needs a place to stay. He stole a 2004 Hyundia from one of his victims, gray or silver in color, tags are expired. A report has been filed and the police are looking for him. He also took a Beared Dragon named Willie. Is suspected of also taking a cat from another woman named Willow. He will stay and when things start cooling off he is back on the dating sites, while still living with a woman, looking for his next victim. Beware and stay aware. Not stable, has been known to be violent. Talks like a New York thug once he gets to know you and your friends. When things need to get done he will complain that he hurt his back and can’t dig or climb ladders. We know of 3 women so far. We are putting the word out to warn others of this player. Last seen in the Tampa, FL area