Alabama Scott “Barley” James Derendal

Scott “Barley” James Derendal – Alabama

This man was THE love of my life. I actually loved him for who I thought he was, a truly good person. Unfortunately, he made SO many promises to me, but never kept any of them. He got mine and my kids’ hopes up for so many things (vacations, new homes, new life, etc.) and did NOT deliver on ANY of those promises. He says he “only dated models”, but can’t seem to get or keep a woman for more than a month or two, until they find out he’s all lies. Ladies, if you’re thinking of dating Scott “Barley” Derendal, think again. He knit picked every little thing I did, right or wrong, I could never do anything right, I could never make him happy and he’s an unbelievable control freak with serious trust issues he can’t let go of (happened years before he met me), which continue to sabotage his relationships. He comes across as the best guy in the world when you first meet him & he will shower you with a few trinkets/gifts & *some* money, but that attitude lasts a VERY short time, then he turns into a real a-hole & expects the world from you in return & will hold it over you/against you if he feels he’s not getting what he deserves from you. He wants people to think he has a ton of money, but truth is ladies, he’s broke as a joke! He also looks 15 years older than he really is. Don’t fall for this man’s lies. He’s not what you think he is.