California Sasha Lorraine

Sasha Lorraine — San Diego, California

I wasn’t going to post about this sad excuse of a girl. I wouldn’t call her a woman because no woman would take another women’s man for fun. I heard that when she’s dating someone she always cheats can’t be faithful if her life depended on it. Last year there was a couple both friends really happy with eachother but of course this Homewrecher decided that she wanted my friends man. He worked lights in a theater and guess who was always tired and needed a comfortable room to sleep in miss Sasha. He says they only hooked up once but if that was true why was she always up there throwing herself on him. Riding his dick, talking about how much he wanted her when I man in his right mind would want someone whose legs are open 24/7. I follow her on snapchat mostly to keep tabs on all the guys she’s fucking. Every week it’s a different guy taking her out every night is different boys in her house. The worst thing is most of the men she’s seen with are in relationships. The picture of her was posted last year as a way to admit what she did. That attention whore is smiling.