Alaska Sasha Eucebio

Sasha Eucebio — Anchorage, Alaska

Here is Sasha Eucebio and she is by far the most desperate ghetto chick in all of anchorage alaska. She’s obsessed with my boyfriend because they “had a thing” in the past and she never got over him! She internet stalked him 24/7 and even tried texting him off of texting apps. You really have to watch out for this girl! She’s super ghetto and has a huge mouth. She talks down on other girls constantly calling them hoes and thots but Sasha’s past isn’t the best either! She’s did one night stands with many guys around town but she denies it at full force. She also thinks she’s cool because she so called “has alot of friends” but really alot of her friends diss her behind her back and laugh at her LOL! Watch out for sasha because she’ll try to get with your man and bring drama into your life.