Cheaters Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah Zimmerman — Wichita, Kansas City

I have been with my boyfriend for 16 years. Not married because financially he would lose benefits, but we considered ourselves married. He had a daughter with this ho 20 years ago. They gave it up for adoption and wasn’t even a couple when the baby was born. Fast forward 16 years. Bitch gets in touch with my man through their daughter they put up for adoption. Of course what “man” would tell their woman that it occurred. Hid it from me for a few weeks. And bam one night leaves. That morning was all like I love you, blah, blah. Then by evening he flipped like a light switch and I was satan’s spawn. He wouldn’t talk to me, give me any explanation, changed his phone number, blocked me on social media, and then wiped out the bank account. I of course was trying to get ahold of him to figure out what the hell was going on. Last night I get message from his whiney ass bitch daughter that says leave her “dad” alone or they are going to get the law involved. UH for what? Me trying to figure out you why you flipped like a psycho. And then was proceeded to be told that her “mom” & “dad” are rekindling their relationship because they were each others first loves. Uh that’s bullshit because my ex had been married before. So we know have this white trash fantasy family. Whore, my ex, bitch daughter, and daughter’s fiancé are all going to live together. The whore and ex are on disability, for not even good reasons. Oh and the whore is abandoning her 3 younger kids to do this. Awesome woman. Great choice by the ex. They all have mental issues, and not mocking or even joking about that, true statement. So they are off in fantasy land. I hope he gets what he deserves, a worthless piece of shit, and crap ass daughter, that will drop his ass like a hot potato when they find out how lazy and dumb he is. I would like to take his balls and stuff him down his throat. Oh and did I say she looks like a fat ass troll? Oh and she is only separated. Again awesome choice losers!!!!!