California Sarah Sims

Sarah Sims — San Diego, California

Sarah Sims… her obsession for a navy ex-boyfriend is out of control. She can’t just move on and live her life on her own. Sarah you need to face the fact that he dumped you not the people around him… he cheated on you not the women he was dating besides you. Every word that you wrote about me is a reflection of yourself. Go back and read it. I understand you were upset but you over did it. I wish you a lot of happiness. I could be a real ahole but I’m not because I don’t want anybody else to be involved or hurt with all this. By the way I only have one e-mail and it is the one I’m using here. Next time you have a relationship please!!!! Think twice before you go insane… if you really want problems keep it up… next time I won’t be so nice. I know you won’t come clean about all this but don’t make me slap your face with more truth. If you do decide to keep doing all this crap I’ll make sure to take actions agains you and who ever is involved. You did it more than once and you pretended to be somebody else so make up you mind…PS you were not married to him so I’m not a Homewrecker or a cheater or lier… I’m just not going to be lonely… see ya!!!!