Cheaters Sarah Marsden

Sarah Marsden — Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Sarah Marsden from las vegas. This chick is so nasty and ratchet. She is like 30 years old and acts and portrays herself so ratchetly and has the intelligence and personality of a teenager, she lives off random people using everyone and she has everyone else watch her kids while she is out spreading her legs, doing heroin, and partying instead of being a good role model for her children. She lets random guys, druggies, and criminals around her kids. She got in trouble for selling heroin out of her families house. Even with all her nasty ways she thinks her sh1t doesnt stink. Why anyone would ever want her is beyond me. She blames everyone else for her doing drugs, and not being able to stay clean but its her own choice. No one wants a woman that chooses drugs over her kids. Poor children have no chance with a mother like her. This girl is literal trash so pathetic.