Cheaters Sarah Jewell

Sarah Jewell — Pickerington, Ohio

Sarah Jewell met my husband while he was hosting karaoke. He was wearing a ring and everyone that worked there knew me, his pregnant wife. That didn’t stop them. They exchanged numbers and started their affair. After two weeks he’s proposing to her and telling her he’s going to buy her a house. Of course the employees of the bar end up letting me know about the whole thing. I end up getting her number a few weeks later. I message her to let her know all about him. Married, has kids with one on the way, no way he can support her. I’m honest and try not to blame her. She’s not the POS I married… but then it gets good. She’s in love with him. It doesn’t matter that everything he’s told her is a lie. He says he ended it. Whatever I don’t believe him, but leaving him at the moment is too difficult as he’s controlling all the money and being a pregnant single mom sucks. She won’t stop contacting him. I find out, confront her because now she has no excuse except that she wants a married man. She wants to ruin a family. I could go on and go into details but it’s just not worth getting upset over. If you’re at a bar in Pickerington, Ohio and see her she’s an easy lay as far as I’m told.