Cheaters Sarah Barfield

Sarah Barfield — Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarah Emily Barfiled I did EVERYTHING for you and in the beginning of our relationship when I found out you were sending nudes to dudes your brother knows, my dumb a55 forgave you!!! I worked hard everyday and brought home every last cent to you, all while YOU (the person who cheated) was accusing me of cheating? I did nothing but love her and give her all my money and her lazy a55 literally didnt contribute in any way. Instead she stayed at home all day blowing up my phone while I’m at work. She does nothing but sing, (and she sounds like SH1T) and act like she’s better than everyone. Finally when I couldn’t take anymore of this girls sh1t and wasting my time I split. Moved out and she started telling everyone that I cheated? She’s insane and even threatened to burn my stuff along with important stuff, documents social security card. She’s threatened friends and family shes psycho. Stay away from this crazy girls guys. Goes to show you can do everything for a girl and still they’ll use you and make you out to be the bad guy. Her loss she wasnt even as cute as most these girls.