Canada Sarah Barbeau Rises

Sarah Barbeau Rises – Winnipeg, Canada

As a courtesy in certain situations will remove the post of an individual who has passed away. We extend this courtesy to allow family and friends the opportunity to mourn their loved ones in peace.  All that we ask is the person making the request submit the link to the obituary for verification.

Every so often we will get unscrupulous individuals who will submit removal requests for people who are 100% still alive. After asking for proof they fade away never to be heard from again. This post is NOT one of those situations.

Over the course of two weeks we were contacted by an Elisa Griffin-Boily and Severin Koernerwho repeatedly lied to us about the passing of Sarah Barbeau. We will be doing a separate writeup about each individual documenting the specific lies and fabrications they sent to us.

The worst part about this is that the above individuals used a real persons death to help cover their lies.  In October of 2016 a mother of seven passed away in Winnipeg in what was a very real tragedy.