Canada Sarah Ann Marshall Russell

Sarah Ann Marshall Russell – Canada

In 2 yrs of of drudgery knowing Sarah,I observed nothing but a depraved pattern of abuse toward others.Any kindness and trust was s*** on.She’s cleaned out the possessions of many people,stolen their phones,and,or,methodically and purposely f***** up their lives while having a private party in her warped and twisted heart. I’ve witnessed the sadistic,callous,pleasure she took in the pain of others many,many times, as she made lapdogs and suckers out of them. She is utterly incapable of true love and friendship.She has forgotten her daughter and her mother….a true somatic narcissist…..promiscuous beyond belief.Sarah ann Russell,Honeymagiic,Bawdest Stunna,Playmategemz,or whatever she calls herself,she’ll always b an evil piece of retarded s***…..a s**** and crack receptacle,who needs to backstab,frustrate,and humiliate others to prop up her pathetic,plastic and phoney image.What a farce! A very sneaky snake in a skin suit…..BEWARE….everyone gets it in the end…thats what makes her gleeful and laugh…its incredibly sick….I never would have believed such depravity existed unless I had seen the mask drop with my own eyes. Shes is a complete farce,,,,cruelty,deception and treachery is the true persona with-in, notwithstanding the initial apparent sweetness and charm….she is a predator and parasite!