Cheaters Sara Lykins Malone

Sara Lykins Malone — Bucyrus, Ohio

Her name is Sara Lykins Malone she is from Shelby, Ohio but lives in Bucyrus, Ohio. she is married to a good man and has three beautiful little girls. This women has cheated on her husband with a married man who’s wife was pregnant at the time and a friend of her husbands , a neighbor where they lived so on and so forth. Sara enjoys taken other woman men just long enough for sex and a notch on her belt of breaking up relationships. She brings the men she does not know into their home when husband is at work and has sex with these men and her girls are in the next room. She is not only putting herself in danger but her children who are in the next room. Bringing different men into her life puts her whole family at risk not just her. Pedophiles are looking for stupid person like her to let them close to their children. She can’t keep her legs shut and loved to sleep with other woman husbands and boyfriends. I hope if you are reading this you and your spouse are not her next target in her web of conquests. Also for the men who think they hit the jackpot she is no prize she’s a lazy person who does not know how to clean her house and take care of her family like a real woman would. She wants and needs a man who will cook clean house and take care of the kids for her. Because she is a child herself. She also will throw temper tantrums like a child when she does not get her way. You better be ready to raise another child for the rest of your life if you want to be with this person. She is also afraid of storms so much she will hide under a table or refuse to go out even if its not that bad of a storm. I could go on with things about her that would make you say wth is wrong with her. As for her husband he will never leave her because his girls are his world and it would kill him to loose them. So he stays with her for his girls to me that’s a good daddy that goes through hell to be with is children.