Cheaters Sara Ann Foster

Sara Ann Foster — Pompey, New York

Meet Miss Sara Ann Foster of Pompey New York. She’s a manipulative little whore! This bitch wouldn’t hesitate to steal your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife etc. My boyfriend and I have been together for years then after odd behavior displayed by him I found out they were seeing each other behind my back. She knew he was involved with someone but didn’t care. As long as she got what she wanted. I since broke up with my boyfriend and she moved her little skank as in to his house. After only about a month of seeing her. This homewreckin whore was only 19 years old and he was 29! That’s sick. I’m sorry hun but he’s just using you because your such a dumb ass little bitch he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Why else would a 29 year old man want a teenager?! While they are 20 and 30 now, they both have serious issues!! He couldn’t find someone his own age to cheat on me with? Sara is a CNA at St. Camillus Syracuse New York. Is she capable of doing this job?