Cheaters Santanya Bagby

Santanya Bagby — Thornton, Colorado

This is the kind of girl that is not to be left alone with a married man. She knew that he had a fiance and 2 beautiful babies under the age of 2. She pretended to be friends with me. She added me on Facebook and invited me and my children to birthday parties for her children. She would share posts on Facebook that condemn liars and cheaters. The definition of a hypocrit in my book. My relationship was far from perfect. While I was out of town for the weekend, my ex was texting me the whole weekend telling me how much he loved me and that he was going to try harder to be a better husband and father. HA! He went to her house to get some weed from her that Saturday night. He had been drinking and they smoked together while he was there. They were flirting while passing the pipe back and forth and he kissed her. When they finished smoking, she invited him into her home for another drink. One thing led to another and they ended up having sex.

She didn’t see that coming?? Supposedly, he was texting her the next day and told her that it was a mistake and she was kind of sad about it. I don’t really believe that the conversation went that way but maybe. I returned home later that day and something was off about him. God bless women’s intuition. After a little research, I found out that he was at her house that weekend and for weeks he lied and said it was nothing. When he decided to get tested for std’s ,the truth came out. A shit show in and of itself. I posted a status on his Facebook stating that he cheated on me with her and that he was getting tested for herpes and I tagged her in the post for everyone to see. Of course it was reported and taken down. She tried to deny it and called me childish saying that I needed to grow up. The pot said to the keddle. They came up with an elaborate story so that she looked like an innocent bystander. She is currently playing the victim and pretending like she was wrongfully accused. I don’t know of any man that would lie and say they cheated while begging and pleading for forgiveness to keep their family together. If you can’t deal with side bitch repercussions, don’t do side bitch shit.