Canada Sandy Patrola

Sandy Patrola — Vancouver, Canada

This post is a long time in coming and the dirty community meet Sandeep Patrolaaka Sandy. Born and raised surrey breed is officially being blasted because she needed to taste her own medicine. This filthy hoe went to school with me and used to be such an innocent sweet individual till she tasted all sorts of meat black and white and brown. This hoe has been around the blocks of surrey and vegas opening her legs and mouth to many men that will shortly comment once posted. Sandy claims shes a good girl and comes from a well respected family but only if the owners and staff at Jagga Sweets knew about her ways. Shes such a spoiled hoe that her name branded bags and her audi q7 is given to her to keep her legs closed but it’s why she resorts going to vegas and enjoys being bent over as shown as above. Nick help me spread the truth about this tramp and if you do head to Jagga Sweets do order the sandy special given in the back alley of her shop or after shes off from work. People in surrey do you feel comfortable with a nasty dirty hoe teaching your kids or providing after makeup services for husbands who’s wifes book Artistrybyp for thier special events. Be careful people and keep your close ones nearby because this girl will do anything for nice big meat or bang.