California Samm Alshech

Samm Alshech – California

My ex Sam Alshech (or Sam Alsheck) met Alexis Rosario (who’s a lesbian turned bisexual tranny) on a dating app and slept with her the first night even after he told her he was living with me and that we were still together. He started f****** her on a regular basis for 6 months while we were still together. He used to have an open married that last 14 years with his ex wife (yes, you read that right! they used to go to orgies and f*ck other couples), I knew that was a disaster waiting to happen and tried to get out of the relationship but he didn’t want to let go because he is highly unstable when it comes to being alone. The entire san fernando valley knows about his swinging ways. His ex wife started an affair 6 years ago but he decided to still stay in the marriage. She brought her current boyfriend home to meet her husband and would serve her bf food before she served her own husband! that pissed him off so bad… he used to trash talk her so much and I used to dislike her but now I don’t dislike her and can see why she was over him! He is also a sucker because even after her bf moved in and assumed the role of live in stepfather to her kids he was still paying her rent! he jumped from a divorce to a relationship to now another relationship, in which all overlapped each other! Sam has two kids that are in their pre-teens and that he introduces to every woman he meets after 2 weeks. Clearly he has zero regard for his children’s mental health because a good father would never do that to his kids. while we were dating he would take pictures of himself half naked and post them on Facebook… clearly he is a f*ckboy! he also pushed me several times and has hit me… I have police reports to prove that.