Cheaters Samatha Donald Gibbs

Samatha Donald Gibbs — Keatchie, Louisiana

This woman targets married men. She friends the husband and wife and then starts pulling her crap. Telling the husband he deserves better, his wife is crazy, etc. When confronted she will lie to your face. Even when shown proof of her skankiness. She cheated on husband #1 and #2 and is starting her game again with husband #3. Poor guy works away from home for weeks on end and has no clue what she is doing. She pulls her crap from Louisiana to East Texas. Watch out for this giant piece of nasty. She has spread her STD’s before to innocent wives. You might be next. And watchvyou credit card statements. She has a known history of “borrowing” peoples CC numbers to pay for her personal things. Including her weight loss surgery. This can be found through Texas court records.