Canada Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee – Winnipeg, Canada

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Cheaters Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee — Bethlehem, Georgia

My boyfriend and I lived together for two years and we had 10 children between us. Everything was happy and fine until he started coaching 4 of our children’s basketball team and we met Samantha Lee. She and I became friends and during our short friendship she admitted that she had cheated on her ex husband with his cousin before divorcing him. I accepted that as a mistake on her part and continued to be her friend. Two weeks later I notice my boyfriend was constantly on the phone and mentioning Samantha a lot. I thought it was very weird and questioned if he was cheating. He said no, but two days later came home from work, broke up with me and kicked me and my 5 kids out. I was a stay at home mom when with him, so I had no money or anywhere to go. Through social media, not even a week after he broke up with me, he admits he and her are sleeping together. Samantha is a cheater with no soul, and everybody needs to be aware. This relationship between them isn’t going to work and she will be on the prowl for another family man who has a life she wants. Me and my 5 children loved my boyfriend, one of my children called him dad and adored him. Her home wrecking broke my children to pieces and devastated me.