Cheaters Samantha Hobbs

Samantha Hobbs – Ohio

I fell instantly in love with him, so much so, that we decided to get married and have children together right away. We even got matching tattoos on our ring fingers to signify our commitments to one another. A month into our relationship we moved in with each other and I became pregnant with my fiancé’s first child. Struggling to provide for our new family, my fiancé and I both started new jobs and we began spending less time with each other in hopes to afford a decent home for my son once he was born. My fiancé’s new job was at the Domino’s Pizza in Reynoldsburg, Ohio and she was his boss. Her name was Samantha; she was a girl I’d known from school, someone who I had thought of as a friend, not a close one, but a friend nonetheless. She began bad mouthing me to my fiancé at work and feeding into his fears about becoming a father. She told him stories of her sexual escapades and he even gave her directions to a filthy motel that she used to cheat on the father of her own child, with his best friend.