Cheaters Samantha Carrell & Ron Lauder

Samantha Carrell & Ron Lauder — Quincy, Illinois

This is a woman who sleeps with every man she gets attention from! Her and Ron had a plan to have Samantha sleep with married men to have their wives get a divorce!! When they did then they move on to someone else to do it to! They have been playing this game for over a year now!! She was cheating on me with him and then when I found out the truth then she ended it! I really don’t care about that, I am just letting people know about them ASAP!!! She likes that because her husband and her other ex-boyfriend were that way, and used to have threesomes together until they both left her for other men!! Women beware and be vigilant about who your man is talking to!! There is another article written by her and it will show you more!!