Cheaters Samantha Ames

Samantha Ames — Savannah, Georgia

Well my husband and I separated, he moved in with a friend. I tried unsuccessfully many times to get him to come back home. He would not. He still came over, did things with me, had sex of course. One day when he’s here I see that he’s texting this trash. I had noticed already that she started showing up liking his fb and added on his instagram. I knew they went to school together, thought she was married. So of course I did what any wife would do and sent her a friend request. No, she didn’t accept it, instead she ran to him to tell him. Ok. Then I find out they’re doing some walk a thon together. Of course he lies about that too. I message her, what happens? He txts me about it. Then she has the audacity to tell me all my assumptions are incorrect and she wants to meet up with me! HAHAHAHA now is when I find out that she is divorced because her husband found her cheating with another married man. She successfully ruined her own marriage AND someone else’s, and now is on a mission to make sure mine can’t be saved. Her own sister slept with her husband and got pregnant. And now I find out that my still legal husband has taken her birthday off to do something with her. She has been with 6 people, at least two of them married, over the span of 3 months since she got divorced, that’s only what I could find out anyway . If that’s not a whore I don’t know what is.