Canada Sam Rheaume

Sam Rheaume — Ottawa, Canada

she has a serious mental problem and boasts about it all over her social media. The pit stop between her and another set of genitals is five to ten days. She uses her family and uses these guys for cash, cars, and to cure boredom. She sends nudes to anyone and everyone who asks. So if you’re looking for an easy score grab this one just use protection because she’s also made her way through a few greasy dudes. She’s questionable herself with her hygiene. Greasy hair, untamed brows, mustache and goatee. She’s always talking crap online about how she deserves the best this and that because she is worth it but she has never once given anything to anyone all her relationships romantic, friendly or with family are based solely on her needs and wants. She’s manipulative and has been the same shady gurl since I’ve known her. She’s a chameleon and changes her lifestyle and appearance depending on what guy she is with. I’m pretty sure she’s related to a guy you’ve had on here Kirk cousineau. I’m certain the whole family has a history of cheating and beating and losing kids it’s a dirty mess. No one in that family stands a chance. She’s now claiming her new losers kid as her own after like a week long relationship. I know is said earlier to hit her up for an easy score but it would be best to stay away before she contracts and gives the city a slew of diseases if she isn’t carrying already.