California Sam Lynn Goodfellow

Sam Lynn Goodfellow — Moorpark, California

This blonde isn’t just a homewrecker, she’s the worst roommate ever. Sam Lynn Goodfellow and I met through friends. She seemed like an average, even sweet girl. When we met she had dropped out of college and was living with her mom, her sister and her sister’s baby in a trailer park. Her dad was (and is) in jail. I had heard she had always been a “problem child,” but I felt bad for her, and I happened to be in need of a new roommate for my guesthouse! I wish I knew what I signing up for when we signed our lease. Within a year she managed to be late with her rent for the majority of it, sleep her way out of it with our landlord’s partner, and threw a party in their house. Needless to say, while drunk sex in lieu of a rent check was okay with the man of the house, it was not okay with his wife…or his son…or me! (I told her I didn’t approve and if any of our friends and neighbors knew, they wouldn’t approve either. She really hurt that woman and her kid…) After the drugged out orgy party she hosted in their house while they were out of town, he came to his senses (albiet a little too late for his family). I am mortified I brought this piece of shit into their lives; they were strict landlords and distant neighbors, but they weren’t terrible people-even the dad, who now has an STD. Plus, I’m losing a spot with pool access and a private kitchen, laundry and entry.