California Sally Sok

Sally Sok — Monterey Park, California

This is Sally Sok she’s Khmer/Cambodian who use to live in Long Beach but moved to Monterey Park toward LA. Long story short this POS got caught butt naked and full in action at a married mans house by the wife. She was begging saying that she’s in love with him for and husband to leave his wife. The husband told this girl to leave and go back to her husband. She had the audacity to curse out the wife. After her husband was called about the ordeal. If you see or know this girl, Sally and her husband, Vuthy. You would think she’s madly in love with her husband. Don’t let her looks fools you A HOE will always be a HOE. And a guy will be a guy when a ass is given. Be Careful ladies.. She likes to keep her image clean, pulls the victim cards and thinks every man wants her and every lady is jealous of her. On top of that this girl scammed some people off with thousands of dollars. That all being said. She is an unethical human being.