SACHA SOMMER – California

Sacha is an in his 40’s habitual weed smoker because of his manic/ ADHD disorder it helps keep him “calm/ normal”. He works in the film/ entertainment industry considers himself to be artistic because he is a photographer and wanna- be director. He is looking to go into acting as well as he has done some in the past. His only interest in women is to cover up his HOMOSEXUAL lifestyle. He has an affinity for TRANSEXUALS/ GENDER a.k.a men and actual MEN, although he will tell you he is not sexually attracted to men. His upbringing keeps him from admitting and believing he is gay (he is Haitian and white– but describes himself as Euro- carribbean Latin or Brazilian) so he so- called “dates/ tolerates” women to keep from believing he is actually gay. His dream tranny/ man would have a big azz and a big d*** to fck him with and would be very passable of course so he could take “it” out in public or even invite “it” to his home as he tries to not invite anything/ one too manly to his place (he likes to do his DIRT elsewhere if he is actually with a man who isn’t in DRAG). His place is adorned with African masks/ memorabilia and his bedroom contains his own personal stash of dildos and toys including a strap- on. He has caught Genital Warts (HPV) and Gonorrhea anally from unprotected sex with men & trannies, so if you decide to go there make sure you get tested regularly. He indulges in cocaine mainly to heighten his sexual experience when being f’ed anally but don’t expect him to be able to fck you as his d*** does not and will not stay hard while on cocaine, and if you do wind up having sex with him just know he prefers anal sex to conventional male/ female sex and will only want anal sex if you plan on staying together for any length of time. Like I said he likes D*** and AZZ not PUCCI! He also posts on Los Angeles craigslist, other dating sites like plentyoffish and various sex sites habitually looking for men trannies and women so if he does not come out to you about his sexuality, know he will be on cl looking for d*** and is okay with doing it on the DL and putting you at risk! Ladies you have been warned stay safe.