California Sabrina Arreaga

Sabrina Arreaga — North Hollywood, California

This a 25 year old woman Sabrina Arreaga who flirts and seduces men regardless of their marital and/or relationship status. Sabrina is my coworker at Keyes Chevy Van Nuys, California. This woman flirts with any man crossing her path and pretends to be a good girl/daughter around her family… especially her dad who she states having a great relationship with. This woman would flirt all over social media. Would also post pictures outside of my house and post them on social media. Pretended to care about me, my health, and physique. It did not take much to get in her pants. Gains great pleasure in destroying marriages and relationships. Will create ghost numbers to harass significant others and plays a victim role. Appears to have low self esteem and poor self image. Leading her to gain attention and pleasure from anyone and anyone of your significant others. Beware of this cold blooded woman as she does not care about consequences. Hangs out in North Hollywood, Sunland, and Van Nuys. Frequents Angeles national forests canyons where she takes and has taken other’s husbands and boyfriends. Lives in North Hollywood with her parents where she pretends to be a woman of purity.