Cheaters Sabrina aka Brandi aka Stripper B

Sabrina aka Brandi aka Stripper B – New Jersey

September is the anniversary of our fateful meeting in 2004, a meeting I’ll never forget. It lasted until 2006. Sabrina more popularly known as Brandi is a chamelion of the worst kind. She can change her skin to suit anyone. She isn’t really smart or the prettiest babe you will ever meet but she is the most desirable. Because in a moments meeting she can read you and decide what you need her to be. And she will become that. It is a talent. You want a playboy bunny in your bedroom 24/7, she will be it, you want a woman you can introduce to your business partners, you got it. She never nags, she doesnt get jealous, she never asks for anything. But you will give her everything. Because where will you meet such a desirable and accomadating female again? And Dude thats the clue that she doesn’t love you. She never nags (she doesnt love you) She never gets jealous (because she doesnt love you)…She made me fall in love with her. From what I know. She doesn’t dig for money, she doesn’t dig for status or to be in the top of the whose who of the party scene. What she wanted was to be desired but not just by any geek or nobody. She wanted to be wanted by the best. She needs to be loved and adored by the least likely. The most handsome, the most popular and the most unavailable. Not one but by all at the same time. I’m not sure what she was trying to prove. I was one of those men. And she weaved a tangled web for me. Every kiss I got deeper in it.