Cheaters Sabra Schommer & Jonathyn Ochsenr

Sabra Schommer & Jonathyn Ochsenr — Dacono, Colorado

These two keep it classy. Jonathyn was with his high school sweetheart for the last 5 years or so. They have two kids and had plans to marry in June. After his girl had his third child she was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I guess he just couldn’t tough out the hard part of a relationship where you are supposed to be there for the one you love. Instead he went to the local subway and started a relationship with a girl that works there.

My friend started seeing the signs that he was cheating. When she asked he acted like his true narcissistic self and made her feel crazy for asking. I’ve watched this man beat her down mentally for years… He kept all of the physical stuff behind closed doors. He started working more hours and money was missing…. He was using that time and money to spend with her. She was fully aware of his girl as she has seen her posts to him in Facebook. One night in January they got into a fight over her putting $5 in her gas tank (he was very controlling of the money and would let her work…. Wouldn’t really let her have friends). He came home from work, packed the kids and took them down the street to their “new home and to meet their new mommy”. He wouldn’t let my friend know where or who they were with. I went with her to their oldest Childs school and there we found out who had her youngest and where she lived because Jon added her to the pick up and drop off list. After getting their oldest child we had to get help from the cops to get her youngest child from Sabra. Now the man has been trying to get my friend to “work things out with him” while he is still with this girl. He is back and forth between he hates her and she’s crap to, let’s give it another try. We all know the HOMEWRECKER here is Jon. Sabra was aware of everything, well whatever bs he feeds her, and she was a part of it but Jon make the final choice on this one. To Sabra, we hope you have a strong back bone girl… He’s a sneaky one. Read up on narcissistic behavior and please don’t become another one of his victims. I watched and it was a easy role for my friends to fall into… Not once but three times. Also, when man has a family, keep your hands to yourself. One day you will have to answer for you actions, not to her as she has made peace but trust me on this, there is a higher power and what you did was selfish. Dirty and selfish. Just a heads up, he’s not as wealthy as he makes himself seem. All of his get rich ideas has feel thru. Take notice, when he talks… Most of the stories are about 82% made up so he can make himself look cool. Remember if you want to keep him that no one is better then him and that includes you hunny. Also feel free to look up his first wife, she has a lovely past with him as well. Best of luck to you both, here’s to hoping you both turn over a new leaf and become decent functioning human beings.