Cheaters Ryan Goss

Ryan Goss – Florida

I worked with this scum in GA at Yancey Bros. I am still gainfully employed but this POS got fired and rightfully so! My boss said he got a call from FL so he assumed Ryan relocated there. He’s a married father of 3 kids going around cheating on his beautiful wife, Amanda. He is in a leadership role and targets women and gets caught, fired and moves to the next state. No shame in his game! I fell into his trap at work and he and I began a relationship after he told me is sob story and I “thought” he was single. Amanda caught him texting me and long story short, we became friends after all, I’m 58 and she and Ryan were young enough to be one of my own! Poor judgment on my end. I’m a Christian woman who fell into this guys trap. I was his 5th affair and he likes to target coworkers. I felt terrible for her. I’m posting to get the word out about this scumbag in hopes that another woman doesn’t fall into this sick mans trap! God bless his wife and kids and again I’m sorry for my indescretions. (sorry Amanda for stealing the pic from your FB)