Cheaters Ryan D. Winter

Ryan D. Winter – Indiana

Beware of Ryan D. Winter who claims to be from the Notre Dame/Elkhart Indiana area. He is a complete deadbeat: father, son and boyfriend. He has a criminal record like no other from domestic abuse, stalking, non support of a child (has 3 kids), battery, resisting arrest to Meth charges. He claims to be a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) lover and trainer…he loves them but by far is not a trainer. He will use an aggressive one against people and police. He doesnt work and if he gets a job only will stay a short time. He targets women mostly over 40 who are divorced or going through one in hopes that she has or will be coming into money. You will support him. I paid for cell phone, rent, utilities, glasses, food, Sprint Car races, use of my vehicle…and more. And boy is he a sweet smooth talker, knows exactly what to say to get you to love him early on then boom the real Ryan will come through. Everything will be your fault, your not clean enough, when you start realizing he is spending a lot of time on his cell phone, internet and FB and you question him…you are the one being insecure and jealous. He wont tell anyone that he is with you and it is a game on FB being his friend…you will be until you question his comments/relationships with other girls then you will be unfriended and/or blocked and this cycle will continue. When the other ladies start questioning him and get smart and sent you messages on FB he will still say it is all your fault. During my almost 9 months with him he cheated online, texting, phone and in person with other women the whole time telling me how much he loved me, I was the one, wanted to get me PG then come to find out this is his ploy as now that we are over and these women are contacting me he told them all the same thing. Worthless piece of s***. During the time with him it started out as verbal and mental abuse which then escalated into Physical abuse….not the first time he has done this to women or his own mother. He is great at once he lays a hand on you telling you he is SO sorry and it was an accident and he will never do it again. Then its all good for a short while then they cycle starts all over again. HE will get you isolated away from your family and children with lies so you have NO ONE but him. Luckily I went and was completely checked out by my ob/gyn and he did not pass anything on to me Thank God but he refuses to use condoms and will never be true. He is a prime example of a Psychopath, sociopath and a narcissist. So many more stories I could share. If you know him and want to chat feel free to contact me. We actually have a group of ladies that he has done this to that support one another and can vouch he is who I have stated.