Canada Ryan Cournoyer’s Lovelife

Ryan Cournoyer’s Lovelife – Canada

Ryan Cournoyer, music teacher through Kelowna Sports and Recreation, former owner of Bering Music, and audio engineer, lives in the Joe Rich suburb of Kelowna, off Highway 33. He is in his early forties.

His ex-wife Margaret Cournoyer walked out on him after he refused to fund her second year of the Early Childhood Education program through Okanagan College, as he disapproved of her desire to obtain a part-time job. She had been offered a part-time job in a daycare where she planned on taking her practicum and also volunteered, and had aspirations to start her own daycare in the basement area of their four-story home.Ryan banned her from doing so, as he no longer wanted to teach out of Bering Music, but out of his home, and had made it clear that he wanted the space for his private music lessons business. He also told Margaret that he wanted her at home with their two children, and not at work. He also insisted on having a third child. Margaret refused and walked out on him.

She later met a man by the name of Sherman Radke, a cook at the Eldorado Hotel and Daily Courier employee, and took up with him. Her friends introduced her to him. Having lost the chance to finish her course and work in a daycare, she obtained a job at Columbia Bottle Depot on Leathead Road. She then moved in with Radke after becoming pregnant and then filed for a divorce in 2008, which went through eight months later. Though Margaret never requested alimony, Ryan Cournoyer insists on asking her what she needs for extra income each month and signs a check with child support and up to $1000 extra for her personal needs: a new car leased and financed, new furniture, new air conditioning and lamps, etc.

Ryan hid this background from his girlfriends, including his live-in girlfriend from 2009 to 2011. He began to pursue Margaret after she made phone calls requesting some assistance with household debacles such as broken lamps, wine stains on the carpet, a poorly-functioning steam vacuum, etc. Ryan responded by taking her out to lunch, driving her around, giving her one of his cars, and taking her out for groceries and coffee.