Cheaters Ruth Ankers

Ruth Ankers — Newcastle, England

This girl was fucking my friends boyfriend of NINE YEARS (>>> GLEN TRAVIS – LONDON <<<) for the final few months they were together. Helping him with how to break up with her. On the day they broke up and my friend was having a break down he said he needed some air and space… he met this girl for dinner. The day after he went to the football match my friend had bought him for christmas, and met her there too. She came clean after TWO YEARS purely because this guy did it to her too and she has been psycho obsessed with ruining his life for the past two years. He deserves it too… but she deserves this. Why is it always the plain basic girls these guys cheat with?! HER INSTAGRAM IS @ruthruthandruth AND FOR ANYONE WHO’S INTERESTED @glntrvs is the lanky dicked arse with bad teeth