Canada Ruby Love Youngman

Ruby Love Youngman — Vancouver, Canada

The one on the left, her name is Ruby Youngman aka Ruby Love. She is from Nanaimo on the island. Her partner in crime is Amanda Ploughman. Coincidence? I think not. These two skanks are the worst kind of people. You can find them at the bars and clubs in Nanaimo searching for their next victims. Ruby was with my good friend for quite a while and he changed his whole life for her but she completely ruined him and purposely f*cked him over. She used him and when he had nothing left she moved on to the next one. She is known for sleeping with any and every purple crayon. She cheated on him with his friends and still denies it all. I had to expose her Nik she is trash. She is a d*ck sucking pepsi wh*re and will do anything for it. You can see for yourself. Here’s a few pictures I found of my buddies phone she took including Amanda where they were with randoms at parties showing their a55 and tits for free Pepsi. Avoid these hoe’s at all cost !