Cheaters Ruben Jordan Warr

Ruben Jordan Warr – Kentucky

I write on behalf of the dozens of women victimized by Ruben Jordan Warr. Thanks to social media we have found each other and are now on a mission to expose him. This sicko lures women by pulling at their heart strings. Tells the same stories of being an abused foster kid, fighting in the Iraq war, marrying his high school sweetheart who cheated on his and left him broke and homeless. ALL LIES! Who lies about fighting for our country?!?! Somehow he gets women to feel sorry for him therefore helping him get back on his feet. They consign cars, buy him a plethora of electronics, give him money, etc thinking they are with their dream man. Little do they know he does this simultaneously to other women. Telling them all he loves them, they are the woman of his dreams, wants to marry and have kids with them. He is intimate with them all- UNPROTECTED. He somehow managed to brainwash a girl from Kentucky after basically running from all his California victims. They figured him out and fought back. Now he resides in Kentucky and continues to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend who literally pays for everything. She refuses to believe he could be so awful even though girls provide proof. This guy needs to be stopped before others get hurt and taken for broke. Liars Cheaters expose this sorry excuse for a man and save a woman from a life of regret and trauma.