Cheaters Roxanne Phillips Fritkin

Roxanne Phillips Fritkin – Illinois

Roxanne’s only mission in life was to marry someone- anyone! So she hooked up with a fat, loser biker dude. He’s currently incarcerated. Also a wife beater. Just ask Katie Perkins. They have been exchanging hot and heavy love letters from the slammer. Roxanne is too old and dried up to have another child so Katie agreed. It gets better…. While Mike Fritkin is away, Roxanne likes to play. That includes 2 former ex’s not just 1. Joe Walker and Joel “scumbag” Schnell. Apparently she hooks up with one of them while she ‘ babysits’. It’s a shame that she preaches ‘ love, trust and happiness’ and she’s the biggest hypocrite! She’s as fake as her 1980’s stripper fingernails and as cheap as her ghetto amateur tattoos. Wise up boys!