California Rosie Diaz

Rosie Diaz — Bloomington, California

So one day about 5 years ago I randomly picked up my husband of at the time 20 years, phone and he had been texting with a woman at work how much they loved each other. I was destroyed. I called the woman many times asking her to stay away pathetic I know but I had just found out I had cancer, a crippling nerve condition and I had no family other than my husband and 3 kids. I recently found out it is still going on and most likely never stopped. She is 10 years younger than me and 12 years younger than my husband, with a 5 year old daughter (not my husbands, so apparently they got together while she was pregnant with another guys baby, disgusting low class. What kind of woman or mother does that to another woman and family? She wont answer my calls or see me and I dont care anymore but people like her should be held accountable when sending a married man texts saying how much you miss hiis cock. Makes me comit in my mouth a bit.