Cheaters Ron B Rich aka

Ron B Rich aka – Oregon

Beware of captainron9 POF Vancouver Washington. He is a player. I spent two months trying to get to know him but he is all about the sex. As far as I can tell he only sees woman for the magic triangle they possess. He is evasive, a liar, a cheat, and will continue to troll the internet looking for his next conquest even though you are in his presence. He will text other women while he is hanging out with you. Thinking you aren’t intelligent enough to figure it out. He is good at playing dumb when you catch him playing. He has no manners, is quite vulgar, doesn’t acknowledge your feelings, considers any conversation of substance to be drama. Fortunately I figured him out before my heart got involved and told him to kick rocks. Oh and he likes the alcohol. Always drinking. Closet alcoholic that doesn’t try to hide it? From what I did learn about him he likes to hunt and has trophy animals all around his place however I believe he is also a hunter of women. So like I said beware ladies. Also he doesn’t seem to work much from what I witnessed and lives in a house that belongs to his ex wifes (and I use that term lightly) parents. He has two kids a boy and a girl grown but never met them nor did he talk about them much. In two months we went out twice. The first day we met for drinks and we went to Hooter’s for dinner once. He is not into wooing you or wining and dining you. He’s after one thing and wants to be the center of attention while he is in hot pursuit. He has no verbal filter whatsoever. So if you are looking to have any of your relationship needs met I would advise you to steer clear of this player. The only thing he has going for him is his looks and his sense of humor which is used deflect attention away from closer scrutiny of his intentions and quickly fade into irrelevance once his true character emerges.