Canada Roland Bidens

Roland Bidens – Canada

I first met this guy when I was in my teens on badoo. He would tell me the sweetest things(I was young so my head was soft). Keep in mind this man was already in his 40’s and I was about to leave high school. He promised me so much, he had everything. Money, a nice house, nice cars . I came from a single parent house so this all sounded 113(peaches and cream). I was skeptical but he kept telling me he was not married, no kids nothing. Till this day, age is nothing but a number to me but this man…HEY. This man is the devil in disguise. He took my virginity and had nude pictures of me.

Couple months go by and this women who I find out his his WIFE is calling me and texting me on every social media site possible calling me a homewrecker. Now I am a hot head so usually I would pop off , but I have respect and felt bad . First I felt bad cause I did not know and two she sounded illiterate. So I simply apologized and said he never told me. Cool, I never hear from her again. Years later this fool contacts me on imo acting like all is well. I told him to leave me alone because I dont want no problems and Im in a happy relationship. He said he would not leave me alone till he sees me. So I tell m boyfriend and he tells me to entertain him and see whats up. So he basically tells me he is not married , shes crazy yadda yadda . He then says he loves me and misses me and wants a future with me. In my head Im like,you must think Im dumb.