Canada Roger Holm is a slimeball

Roger Holm is a slimeball – Canada

Roger Holm is a degenerate who lives off soft headed women. He controls their lives because he is insecure and have no future which is why he manipulates them into thinking he is the man. All the women he has been with has paid for nearly everything as he makes very little money peddling health juice b*******. His current old lady makes the money while he lives in her condo. She even pays for his father and his skanky daughter’s stuff. His bucket list are all expensive vacation places but she works for an airline so he gets the discount. She is blind to it all. She works long hours so he has side women at her place underneath her nose. Roger meets women on plenty of fish, tinder, okcupid using false name, age – all lies. He is bully with a tiny d*** who thinks he is hot s***. He even makes sex videos without their knowledge, uploads it to amateur sites and shares it with his father Terry. He ruined my life, almost bankrupted me before I kicked him out. His current prey refuses to believe, no wonder he continues to f*** around. Stay away from this piece of s*** in Calgary Canada.